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Prigiponisia island

The Prigiponisia island of Lefkas is a complex of small islands which are situated near the east coast of Lefkas. This complex includes the following islands; Meganissi (which is the biggest one),Scorpios,Scorpidi,Sparti,Madouri,Heloni and Tsokari.The prigiponissa belongs to a biggest complex of Teleboides islands in which also belongs the islands of Kalamos ,Kastos Arkoudi and Atokos.

Meganissi is an island between Lefkas and Aetoloakarnania. It is the biggest of the Prigiponisia that’s why it is called so (Mega- means big in Greek).It has an extent of 20 km2 and a population of 1090 habitants according the 2001 census.Meganissi also belongs in the biggest complex of Teleboides islands. There are 3 villages in the island, Katwmeri (the head of municipality), Bathy and Spartohwri. In the municipality of Meganissi also belongs the famous island of Scorpios. Access to the island exists only from Lefkas. There are frequent daily boat schedules from Nydri to Meganissi with destination to both harbor of Meganissi,Spartohwri and Vathy. The trip duration is no longer than 25 minutes.

The Scorpion was sold in 1963 to Greek shipping magnate Aristotelis Onassis. On this island, where there are now a few houses, the tombs of Aristotelis Onassis's son Alexander and his daughter Christina. For many years in the Bay of Scorpio dock the yacht "Christina" subsequent "Argo."

Madouri is situated across of Nydri-Lefkas and belongs to the municipality of Ellomenou. The island belongs to Valawrites family, where towers the mansion house and a gothic style chapel. In this island was raised up and lived the poet Aristotle Valawrites and now belongs to the great grandsons of the poet ,Nanos Valawrites and Leon Karapanagiwtes.

Scorpidi is an island in the Ionian Sea north of Scorpios. It is a part of Teleboides and Prigiponisia.It’s a private island which belongs to the member of the parliament with the New Democracy party, Spyros Livanos.

Sparti is uninhabited (according to 2001 census) island of Ionian Sea .It belongs to prefecture of Lefkas and Teleboides and Prigiponisia.It is close to the east cost of Lefkas across of Nydri.

Heloni is an island west of Sparti and north of Scorpios.

Tsokari is an island west of Scorpios.