Jan 17
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Just a few meters away from the sea Zorbas’ studios are the ideal choice of accommodation.

All the studios are situated in the heart of an ideally organized and completely harmonized with the pure nature around site, which spreads into a four (4) acres area reaching up to the beach. Each studio provides AC, TV, WC, a fully- equipped kitchen and a private parking place. The facilities described make the place ideal for families with young children.

Nikiana is one of Lekada’s seaside villages, located in one of the most touristically developed areas in the island. The village was built on the foot of the mountain Skaroi, on the top of which you will find the beautiful woods of Velanidia.

The crystal beaches, not only in the village but also in the area around, are very clear and therefore ideal for young children. In Nikiana there is also a well organized- with a launching area- port (marina), where you can dock yachts, sailing vessels and fishing boats
Zorbas’ breath is one of the oldest and the most picturesque restaurants by the sea. Our long presence and experience (since 1978) together with the peaceful and relaxing environment, which is totally harmonized with nature, will make your meal or dinner into an unforgettable experience.

Stare at the sea in our traditionally developed place on the beach and let yourselves travel back in time. Experience moments you may never forget, in a familiar and hospitable environment where our friendly and experienced staff is always available and willing to meet any need of yours.

Taste delicious dishes with fresh fish, seafood and local meat, all cooked according to traditional, greek recipes, accompanied by the famous wine or drinks of Lefkas. In the meanwhile, you may also enjoy the small, clear beach just in front of the restaurant. 

Προβολή Η Ανάσα του Ζορμπά σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους